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About Cloudways.

Cloudways is one of the top Managed Cloud Hosting providers in the industry. More than 80K+ agencies, SMBs, and individuals rely on Cloudways to save them time and money so they can focus on their passions and grow their businesses.

The Cloudways platform features >99.9% uptime, rapid page load time, proactive app monitoring, dedicated workflows, leading security including add ons from Cloudflare and 24/7 premium support.

The Problem.

Cloudways was searching for a reliable method to ensure their customers' websites remained unaffected after running updates. Previously, Cloudways used Diffy to conduct Visual Regression Tests (VRT) but encountered several issues with site-caching, image fidelity, and dynamic loading. Cloudways also needed a white-labeled solution with a simple and comprehensive API to incorporate into their existing architecture.

The Solution.

That's where Scanerr came in! Scanerr's platform is designed to take the guess-work out of Quality Assurance Testing, providing objective and detailed methods for understanding how a website changes after deployments. With years of research and development, Scanerr is built to handle caching, dynamic loading, and other advanced edge cases - all without sacrificing performance.

Scanerr Solution

Enterprise Level 4 (Custom)

  • Self-Hosted platform
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Advanced Admin Features

The Result.

After working with our team, Cloudways was able to seamlessly integrate the Scanerr Platform into their advanced hosting architecture which serves and manages over 570K websites.

With the addition and leverage of Scanerr, Cloudways successfully launched a new productized service called Safe Updates which became wildly popular among their broad customer base.

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