A powerful Regression Engine with loads of capabilities.

Your virtual developer in the cloud.

Scanerr acts as a second front-end dev, checking over a webpage once it's deployed.

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Your digital quality assurance engineer.

Depending on what Scanerr finds, it can alert your team and send a request to another service.

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Your site's primary care doctor.

Scanerr can diagnose and discover all kinds of potenital issues and bottlenecks within your site.

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Robust Toolkit


Schedule Scans or Tests to run at custom intervals.


Create complex automations for alerting and webhook integrations.


Make use of Scanerr's powerful & simple API.


Track and view your sites performance over time.

Detailed Logs

Easily access all API calls in your dashboard.


Generate customizable reports with over 75 metrics.


You got questions, we've got answers.