A powerful, core engine with loads of capabilities.

Combine performance, visual, and functional testing in one, easy-to-use platform.

Web Performance Monitoring & Testing.

Track over 75 metrics and drill down to the exact file or code snippet that's plaguing performance.

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web performance monitoring and testing
scanerr test view

Visual Regression Testing.

Never miss a visual bug with our industry-leading regression engine.

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No-Code Functional Testing.

Quickly record functional tests with our free Chrome Extension and run them across your staging & production sites.

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scanerr scan view

Robust Toolkit


Schedule Scans or Tests to run at custom intervals.


Create complex automations for alerting and webhook integrations.


Make use of Scanerr's powerful & simple API.


Track and view your sites performance over time.

Detailed Logs

Easily access all API calls in your dashboard.


Generate customizable reports with over 75 metrics.


You got questions, we've got answers.